Voetbalsokken ontwerpen

Would you like to design and put together your own football socks? Then you've come to the right place. We already produce our own design soccer socks from 20 pairs per size. 

What do you have to take into account with the socks?

We can make football socks from polyester and polyamide. Most football socks we make from a thicker polyamide. For this we can only weave the logo in the soccer sock. 

Polyester is only used if you have a very detailed logo which can only be printed on the football sock. We do this by means of sublimation. The condition is that the logo must be placed on a white part of the sock.

We can knit the logo into the sock or print it on the sock.

When we knit the logo into the soccer socks, small details will disappear because the logo consists of all small cubes.

With a very detailed logo, on the other hand, we print the logo on the soccer socks by means of a sublimation print. One of the requirements is that the surface is white and the yarn of the sock is polyester.

Keep in mind that the higher the logo is placed on the leg, the more the logo is stretched and thus distorted.

The logo is normally placed on the front, back or left and right side of the soccer socks. 

If the logo is to be on the outside of the sock, it will be placed left and right so that the left and right soccer sock are the same.

Keep in mind that the higher the logo is placed on the leg, the more the logo is stretched and deformed.

Our advice is to always take a cotton foot with a polyester or polyamide soccer sock. Because of this the sock slips less in the shoe. 

The foot of the soccer socks can also be made of somewhat thicker grey mixed polyamide.

If desired, we can apply reinforcement to certain places in the soccer socks or add extra cooling by knitting in a mesh.

Pay attention! The configurator works best on a tablet or a PC.

Eigen ontwerp voetbalsokken

Soccer socks with sublimation logo

Voetbalsokken met mesh

Extra options for the soccer socks

Examples of soccer socks.

We try to weave as many logos as possible into the soccer socks. However, this is not always possible. For example by weaving a logo with a lot of small details and/or colours. Then we have the option to print the socks by means of sublimation. We can only apply this print on a polyester part of the sock. This part is almost always white to get the right colors. If the print has to be on a colored part then the print is always black.

The difference between the logos

Subimatie logo of gebreid logo

Impressie van de werking van de 3D configurator


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