Own design tennis socks

Sports socks

The tennis socks are also called the standard sports socks. These are our most popular socks. These socks are preferably made of cotton. But because of the limited colors in cotton, the socks are also more often made of polyamide. These socks are used for handball, basketball, student associations, scouting and so on. We can also master these socks, so you get a sock that you nowadays see more and more as a fashion product. In short, a popular sock. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

We can knit the logo into the sports sock or print it on the sports sock using a sublimation print. Because the sublimation print only adheres to polyester, these socks have to be made of polyester. In the images below you can see the difference between a logo that is knitted into the sock and if the logo is printed on the sock by means of sublimation print.

Subimatie logo of gebreid logo

sample sokken

Examples of sports socks with your own logo

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