Hardloopsokken ontwerpen?

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Welke mogelijkheden hebben wij bij de hardloopsokken

compressie sokken

What are the perfect running socks? Unfortunately we can't determine that for you, this is different for everyone. Which socks do you use now and do you like, tell us and we can look together to match or improve this. However, we can indicate what the differences are between the different materials and applications, so you can see what suits you best.

The running socks have 3 functions:

  • Keeping the foot warm
  • Moisture draining
  • Comfort, a good fit in the shoe


We use normal polyester or polyamide as a base for the running socks. These yarns do not absorb moisture but wick it away. Cotton, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and is therefore not recommended for running socks. Because of the wet cotton, sanding spots occur and the feet remain moist. Natural materials such as merino wool wick away moisture well and contain antibacterial properties, which in turn is beneficial against smelly feet.

Footbed of the socks

The footbed of the running socks is very personal. We can knit the footbed thinly like the rest of the sock or make a thicker footbed with plush so you get a softer footbed which gives more cushioning when running. You should also take into account the socks you were wearing when you bought your running shoes. If you sweat a lot, take for example socks with Merino wool in them, this wool wicks away moisture well. Even if only the part near the toes and the heel is made of Merino wool, this is enough.

Compression socks

De compressiesokken zijn erg populair geworden in de afgelopen jaren. Wij kunnen een compressiesok maken als  lange enkelsok tot en met de lengte van een kniesok. De compressiesokken zorgen voor de stimulatie van de bloedsomloop. Hiermee voorkom je verzuring van de spieren en blessures. Let op! 

Washing and maintenance of the socks

The compression socks can be washed at 30 degrees. NEVER put the socks in the dryer, but hang them on the clothes rack. Have you opted for polyester or polyamide socks and do they have odors? Then wash the socks with a deodorising conditioner, such as Nikwax's Basefresh.


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