Own design fancy socks

Happy socks

Fancy socks are also called happy socks and are an original and popular business gift. We can fully customize the socks to the corporate identity or to your wishes. The design is always woven into the sock as you are used to from the original Happy Socks. We make the fancy socks from high quality cotton.

For the fancy socks we use a socks machine with 200 needles. This allows small details to be knitted into the sock. If it's only a casual sock with a logo on it, this can be done from 20 pairs via the configurator. Is it a very complex design? Then we will always look at the possibilities together.

Logo editing in reality

Voorbeeld logo in de sok gebreid

We make the fancy socks on a 200 needle socks machine. This means that in the socks design we have 200 dots around the leg. On the images on the right you can see the steps we take to get from a supplied image to a digital design to the final result on the sock.

  1. The image we get from the customer
  2. The logo converted to the number of pixels for the sock
  3. The final result on the sock


Verpakkingsmateriaal sokken

If the Fancy socks are a business gift, a nice personalized packaging can not be missing. The packaging can be fully customized, e.g. in the corporate identity of your company. What could be nicer than to be able to give fancy socks to your staff/customers with a packaging in your own company colors in a form that suits your company. Own socks packaging is possible from 200 pairs of socks.


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